Innovative Solar Heater Technologies In Singapore

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  Posted: 15 November 2004 2224 hrs 

 New water heater needs no solar or  electrical power 
 By Channel NewsAsia's news team

SINGAPORE: Thinking of ways to cut down your electricity bill? How about using an environmentally-friendly heater that doesn't require electrical or solar power? 

The sun provides unlimited solar energy but to tap it, systems require direct exposure to sunlight, thus limiting its use mostly to landed property. 

But a new compact heater that taps the heat from airconditioning units, can be used in HDB flats. 

The heater works by piping the warm air generated by the condenser to the water heater. 

Philip Lee of Microsolar, a compact heater supplier, said: "Most people living in flats have air-conditioners. The heater can provide 100 to 150 litres of heat, sufficient for a small family of 3 to 4 persons." 

The technology is not new, but the appliance is now much smaller. 

The Rochester Park bungalows at Buona Vista, managed by Jurong Town Corporation, will be the first to try out the compact heater. 

JTC says if the technology proves feasible, it will consider using it at other facilities. - CNA

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